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No one can leave the cursed city!
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Dec 8, 2015
Jun 14, 2024
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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mod APK 2.51.0 [Unlimited money]

The currency is sufficient!
【Kind tips】
1. This game requires scientific Internet and Google three -piece set. There is no netizens in Google’s three -piece set of Google.
Please download Google installation 6.0 or Go Google installation device at the game box!
2. This game is risky. It is recommended to download the original version for a long time.

# New events and a new location are unlocked after completing the main story.

The Seekers Notes contain information about Chalet’s new location as well as the characters associated with that location. Obviously, this new area features different challenges and events that players need to participate in. Discovering strange found objects and rewards keeps you on your quest to rescue Darkwood Woods.

# Darkwood’s journey to restore the original word began when he discovered a broken word.

In Seekers Notes, the player discovers a mysterious setting in Darkwood that hosts Ghostly Mist. As a result, the city became cursed and its population gradually fell victim to its harmful effects. The narrative will center on a presence encountered in a murky room. When the pilgrim ventured toward the window, specters terrified him. But another compelling aspect electrified him. In the corner of his eye, the protagonist notices a bright light. He draws near and discovers a wall map amid several glowing lights. From there, he departed the room and encountered a well-dressed man who proved deferential. The man tells the protagonist his name is Seeker and that the map chose him as responsible for getting Darkwood out of its current curse. Once he’s finished, a bird appears and starts flying into the protagonist’s next phase of life.

# Solving Puzzles and Identifying Objects Along the Way

When looking for objects in Seekers Notes, players need to meet specific requirements to locate whatever they’re looking for. This can be done anywhere on the game’s comprehensive map. Additionally, there are two main experiences in the game: solving match-three levels and finding objects. You can access this game by moving through the floors of your mansion. From there, you can see a detailed list of items you need to locate so you can examine each part of the room from different angles. This aspect of the game becomes more challenging as you progress through various locations. This game features a match-three mechanism and allows players to gather different gems. Players must also collect a specific salary when playing the game. One aspect of this game that players will love is that it doesn’t dictate how many moves are made; instead, players must complete the level within a certain time limit. This is achieved through using what they have to finish the level quickly and effectively by matching more than three elements.

# Important items are crafted using materials found in the game.

Gathering materials for quests requires you to complete the quest and gather enough materials. Gathering materials for quests requires combining materials found in the respective level. Gathering these materials will give a reward in Seekers Notes, which helps in many situations. Many positive experiences await players who journey to Darkwood. The protagonist is the one marked by the atlas, and his purpose is to break the misty curse that enshrouds Darkwood. You must travel to many places on this map by following the character’s direction. Then, you must search each location for the necessary supplies. Each location features a unique, detailed, and magnificent design that requires careful observation to locate key objects. Endless match-three levels feature time constraints and requirements that players must meet with unlimited moves. New events and a new location are automatically added to your itinerary thanks to updates.

# A world-shaking experience inspired by this work.

Within the game Seekers Notes, players come upon many unusual aspects that they’ll enjoy. The game’s design is beautiful and encourages players to explore a wide variety of intriguing topics. The game’s aesthetic evokes the past century’s novels through its art style. In Duskwood, players can discover the enchanting sights the game has to offer. Consequently, it encourages players to take advantage of this feature by playing the game itself. During the game’s opening, a spectral figure appears at the front door from the protagonist’s point of view. The same time, an enchanting magical hue enwraps the area around the player. Initially, the mysterious person who appears is noticed near a barrel that emits an eerie light. Curious to learn more, the protagonist approaches and studies the map in hand. Through the crack in the door, he spotted someone approaching his room. He opened the door and met his game’s protagonist, who was revealed to be a chosen traveler on the game’s map. In addition to that, players must use their investigative skills to help the city of Duskwood escape a malicious curse by locating objects and exploring new locations.

# Looking for the requested items.

The beauty of the game can sometimes be a hindrance to players; it makes the game harder to understand due to its complexity. However, many players are greatly impressed by the beauty of the game and end up spending a lot of time playing it. A list of required objects appear in the place you go to. While there, you search for the one you need by clicking on the objects when their location is detected. This game provides only one environment— locked in place. Players will follow basic instructions during the game that help them perform many actions. Exploring new locations causes the surrounding stories to appear before your eyes. Some level-up rewards also grant extra energy, which helps you keep exploring. You see a person being drained of energy by an en gi e y acti vit y. A sin gle- alm ost d egesis tic per sona ge, who s eparates ab out to s imeous acti vi t y, i nforma te you o f his hainous act. Fr imora ming his di sappo rture, he c ould re c ognize a n element is emplo yed to com pli te in-game quests and stra tego the game’s pro gress. At th ese ti mes, the reward s f o r the en viron ments can be the key that opens a new part on the mappe n or the ben efit s to c l ec k some other pl ace on the mapp e n. ———

# Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mod APK 2.51.0 [Unlimited money] Features:

NEW HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF THE SECRET SOCIETY!Start an incredible journey into the cursed city of Darkwood! The dark streets are in no hurry to reveal their secrets. But you are the Seeker, the chosen one, possessor of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map, and the role of savior has fallen to you! Waste no time, enter into battle against the Curse!
Key game features:- Beautiful graphics and gorgeous locations
– Over 1600 exciting quests
– Over 185 amazing collections
– Memorable characters
– Interesting puzzles
– Get rewards for achievements
– Enchanting music
– Creation of unique items
– Help the citizens fight dangerous monsters
– Play with friends
– Regular free updates!
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New events and a new location are unlocked after completing the main story.
Darkwood’s journey to restore the original word began when he discovered a broken word.
Solving Puzzles and Identifying Objects Along the Way
Important items are crafted using materials found in the game.
A world-shaking experience inspired by this work.
Looking for the requested items.

# Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Brief Introduction



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What's new

Download the update and get energy!
— Location: Sea Café
— Whirlpool of Fate event with unique rewards and creatures
— Numerous visual upgrades
— Amaze the restaurant critic at the Rabbit Café!
— Guild Top 1,000 for banishing monsters!
— Desk guardian: Aurora the Mermaid!
— Darkwood Stories event
— Air Races event
— Magister's Path guild competition


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