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🍀The Fairy Garden is located in the intersection between light and dark. Long ago, a mystical witch, she had been in love with a human boy since she was a little girl. But the boy turned his back on her and married someone else.Out of her mind, she came to a fairy garden.
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Oct 30, 2022
Jun 21, 2024
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# Mod Info

The main advantages / modifications of Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles Mod APK 2.6.4 [Free purchase]

Free inside.

# Download Merge Elves into the Wonderland from hostile forces in the game.

The story begins many centuries ago in a place where humans are unable to tread. Darkness and light intersect in an area inaccessible to man. A witch fell in love with a male human boy during a meeting. The witch became bitter after a boy of human origins replaced her. Devoted herself to nurturing the abandoned child, she concealed him away in a secret corner of her magical garden. You have to take care of the poor and innocent child as you battle the demon dragon. Additionally, you need to construct a garden by solving the given puzzles.

# Raise your children.

Completing commissions requires performing a number of related tasks. The more challenging the job, the more resources and food the commissioner receives. This allows commissioners to raise a child and start the process of restoring the magic garden. Exchange the collected stars for new outfits for your infant. Complete essential missions and you’ll find plenty of memorable moments to exchange your stars for. Mothers love their children more than anything. That’s why you need to give your witch baby the best possible childhood.

# Elves can meld into one another.

New species of elf can be discovered in your garden. You must discover and collect each new elf added to the collection. Next, you can choose to upgrade the collected elves. New goblin forms evolve as the baby goblin ages through different life stages. When it hatches from an egg, parents can choose to care for it or incubate another egg. This bot will automatically gather valuable items and remain loyal to your government.

# A goal set each day.

Daily challenges provide you with a steady stream of rewards. Hundreds of unique items merge will create new, powerful upgrades. Further develop your power through additional sources to unlock new power. Mystical statues found in certain levels must be put back together to win the game. Additionally, other destroyed statues must be removed from the garden. Find recipes for new items by combining Gems collected from chests and any Coins earned. Next, open chests to gather additional resources.

# A place where people come together for shared interests.

This game allows you to socialize with a whole community of people. Unlike most games where you can only play by yourself, this one gives you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other players. You can also connect with other players without having to play by yourself. Keep abreast of important news. Interact with new people and share your crops with them. Utilize your wizardly powers to compete with others for size. And have fun competing with friends in this highly regarded wizarding game. You can develop your personal growth during Merge Elves’ island-wide event. Don’t pass it up! Download the Merge Elves mod right away if the above information excites you. All the miracles of the endless journey are ready for you to enjoy. ———

# Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles Mod APK 2.6.4 [Free purchase] Features:

In your free time, explore all that this incredible magic world has to offer. Explore elves, magic and mysterious secret places, face all kinds of challenges in the Merge Elves. Combine various objects through matching and merging, countless rewards are waiting for you to collect.

At the intersection of light and dark – the fairy garden, there’s a mysterious witch.
As a gril, she fell in love with human, but was betrayed. She stole the lover’s child, and hid her to the fairy garden.
She not only has to fight the evil dragon as a witch, but also takes care of baby and builds a warm home for her as a novice mom!
Can she really do it?
A story about healing and redemption unfolds in this magical garden.

The world you want to have is created by yourself. Merge Elves will definitely bring you a different experience, join in now and more full of joy than you could have ever imagined.

Merge Elves Features:
Baby raising
– Complete mission and fight off the evil dragon to collect food to feed baby;
– By collecting stars, you can exchange various beautiful clothes for your baby from the elves.
– Use puzzles to record beautiful moments and help the witch create a warm childhood for the baby.

– Explore a variety of objects, match them to complete the challenge.
– Move objects in the world at will, and match 3 objects of the same species to evolve them. Tap it to release its power and heal your garden cottage.
– Find the mermaid statue on the cursed land. Match them to solve the dilemma and restore the vitality of the past.

Collect New Elves
– Discover brand new elf who lives in the magic forest, 4 growth stages, every stage can surprise you.
– Match elves eggs and harvest items for you to use or match.
Adventure and Dilemma
– Hundreds of adventure levels to challenge your mind.
– Solve the dilemma will improve your state, and how you come across, rich prizes to help you build your garden cottage.
– In the journey of Merge Elves, you may encounter different challenges and get into difficult situations, watch out and be careful. Your wisdom and courage will help you to the end.

Create Garden cottage
– Evil has taken over the garden cottage, fight against them and heal the land to restore and take back the elf home.
– Collect elf eggs, hatch them in the garden cottage, use our strength to restore the former beauty of our homeland.

Social Convenience
– Add your friends, chat in real time, visit their garden cottage for more inspiration.
– Give each other gifts and items to improve your intimacy. It’s also fun to share with friends.

Download now and discover where Merge Elves with your families and friends.

Merge Elves will bring you more fantasy experience, and travel with us in the beautiful world of magic.
All suggestions and questions related to the game can be contacted through official channels.

Download Merge Elves into the Wonderland from hostile forces in the game.
Raise your children.
Elves can meld into one another.
A goal set each day.
A place where people come together for shared interests.

# Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles Brief Introduction

Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles is an exciting and addictive puzzle game that will challenge your strategy and logic skills. In this game, you will embark on a journey to help the charming elves restore their magical kingdom by merging three or more identical items to create new and powerful objects. With stunning graphics and challenging levels, Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles offers hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages. Are you ready to join the elves on their quest and unlock the mysteries of their enchanted world? Play now and test your matching skills in this enchanting puzzle adventure!

What's new

• Added new Event Elf
• Fixed some minor bugs