Homescapes (Unlimited Stars And Coins)

Welcome to Homescapes, a truly heartwarming game from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Exciting adventures start at the doorstep!
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Sep 19, 2017
Jun 12, 2024
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In the ever-expanding world of mobile gaming, few titles manage to strike the perfect balance between engaging gameplay and captivating storytelling quite like Homescapes Mod Apk. This modified version of the popular mobile game is a breath of fresh air for gaming enthusiasts. Offering a unique blend of match-3 puzzle challenges and home renovation tasks, Homescapes Mod Apk keeps players hooked for hours on end. But what sets it apart from the rest? Let’s dive into the world of virtual renovation and puzzle-solving to find out.

Download Homescapes Mod Apk

Homescapes Mod Apk is an immersive experience that seamlessly combines the thrill of solving match-3 puzzles with the joy of renovating a neglected mansion. Players follow the story of Austin, the butler, as he returns to his childhood home in disrepair. To fund the mansion’s restoration, you must complete challenging match-3 levels and earn stars. These stars, in turn, unlock various renovation tasks throughout the mansion. It’s a delightful fusion of genres, akin to games like Gardenscapes and Fishdom. Download Homescapes Mod Apk to embark on this exciting journey today!

Unlimited Stars And Coins

Unlock boundless possibilities in your renovation journey with Homescapes Mod Apk, where unlimited stars and coins await your mastery. This mod feature catapults your gaming experience to new heights, empowering you to design and renovate Austin’s mansion without constraints. No more waiting for resources; with unlimited stars and coins at your fingertips, you have the creative freedom to bring your dream mansion to life instantly. Dive into a world of endless possibilities and transform Austin’s home like never before.

Homescapes Mod Menu

Elevate your gaming experience with the Homescapes Mod Menu, a game-changer that offers unparalleled control and customization. This unique feature puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to tailor the game to your preferences. Navigate effortlessly between levels, access unlimited resources, and unveil hidden secrets with ease. With the Homescapes Mod Menu, you’re the master of your mansion-renovating destiny.

Golden Ticket

Embark on an exclusive journey with the Homescapes Golden Ticket Mod Apk, a feature that grants you unparalleled access to in-game treasures. This unique mod unlocks a world of opportunities, where golden tickets rain down like never before. Elevate your renovation prowess, skip challenging levels, and immerse yourself in a rewarding gaming experience. With the Homescapes Golden Ticket Mod Apk, your mansion transformation is limited only by your imagination.

Unlimited Everything

Experience limitless possibilities with Homescapes Mod Apk Unlimited Everything, a game-changing feature that removes all constraints. In this mod, every resource, every power-up, and every renovation option is at your disposal. No more waiting, no more limits; with Unlimited Everything, you have the creative freedom to transform Austin’s mansion to its fullest potential. Dive into the world of endless design and renovation possibilities today.

Apk Features

Let’s dive into the captivating features of this remarkable Apk.

Intriguing Storyline

Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative that unfolds as you progress through the game. Unlike typical puzzle games, Homescapes Mod Apk offers an engaging storyline that revolves around unraveling the mysteries of Austin’s family history, adding a layer of depth and immersion to the gameplay.

Home Renovation

Step beyond the boundaries of traditional match-3 games and delve into the world of home renovation. Homescapes allows players to unleash their creativity by designing and renovating rooms within the mansion. This unique feature fosters a sense of personalization and adds a creative twist to the gameplay, similar to titles like Design Home and My Home.

Endless Levels

Experience a gaming journey with boundless possibilities. Homescapes Mod Apk offers an extensive range of levels to conquer, ensuring that players of all backgrounds, whether casual gamers or dedicated puzzle solvers, find an endless source of entertainment and challenges.

Powerful Boosters

Navigate through challenging levels with a variety of power-ups and boosters at your disposal. Mastering the strategic utilization of these tools becomes crucial for success, enabling you to overcome obstacles and progress further in the game.

Social Interaction

Connect and engage with friends through social media integration. Share your progress, send and receive lives, and compete for leaderboard positions with a vibrant community of players. This feature fosters a sense of camaraderie reminiscent of popular titles like Candy Crush Saga and Toon Blast.

Daily Challenges and Events

Keep your gaming experience fresh and exciting with Homescapes’ daily challenges and special events. With new and exciting tasks regularly introduced, players always have something to look forward to, ensuring that the gameplay remains dynamic and engaging.

Stunning Graphics and Sound

Immerse yourself in a visually enchanting world crafted with vibrant graphics that capture the essence of the game’s mansion renovation theme. Complemented by a charming soundtrack, the game’s audiovisual elements create an immersive experience that amplifies the joy of both renovation and puzzle-solving


Homescapes Mod Apk is a mobile gaming masterpiece that successfully merges match-3 puzzles with home renovation, offering a unique and addictive gameplay experience. With its intriguing storyline, endless levels, and a plethora of features, it’s no wonder that players from all walks of life are captivated by Austin’s journey. So, why wait? Download Homescapes Mod Apk today and embark on a renovation adventure like no other. Get ready to match, renovate, and create the mansion of your dreams!

What's new

What's new:
- Bug fixes and improvements
Please update the game to the latest version.

• Save Princess Jane and her kingdom!
• Get a unique decoration!

• Find a magic lamp!

• Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization!
• Fill a photo album and get rewards!

• A Season Pass with unique decorations!
• A Season Pass with a charming pet!
• The story continues! Create a fantastic adventure for Chloe and Scotty!