Epic Stickman: RPG Idle Game

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Epic Stick: Unleash Your Inner Legend in the Shadow Realm
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Jun 11, 2024
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Epic Stick: Unleash Your Inner Legend in the Shadow Realm

Calling all RPG fans! Dive into the dark and captivating world of Epic Stickmen, an idle game where you battle your way to becoming the ultimate Stickmen Legend. Even when you take a break, your character keeps fighting, letting you return and claim your well-earned rewards.

Here's what awaits you:

Effortless Heroics: Progress unfolds even when you're away. Your character tirelessly battles monsters, stockpiling rewards for your triumphant return.

Choose Your Path: Select from a diverse roster of classes, each boasting unique skills and abilities. Become a mighty warrior, a sly rogue, a wise mage, or a fearsome summoner – the choice is yours!

Monster Mayhems: Unleash a barrage of skills and abilities to conquer massive hordes of monsters that lurk in the Shadow Realm. Earn epic rewards with each fallen foe.

Secrets of the Shadows: Unravel the mysteries of this shadowy domain. Explore hidden treasures, overpower formidable bosses, and unearth the truth behind this enigmatic realm.

Power Up for Glory: Ascend through the ranks, growing stronger with every level. Unlock devastating skills and potent abilities to conquer the most formidable opponents.

Forge Your Champion: Customize your character's look and fighting style. Select weapons, armor, and skills to build the ultimate Shadow Slayer.

Ever-Expanding Adventure: Stay engaged with a constant stream of fresh content, including new monsters, locations, and features added regularly.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.06 186.17 MB 6.0 11/07/2024
1.0.05 181.65 MB 6.0 02/07/2024