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Join 40 million people who are learning a new language with Drops. Language learning is easy when you learn with Drops language learning games! Learn a language like European Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, English, and French. Discover 50+ different new languages with Drops! Language learning is fun and free with Drops. You can start learning from scratch or brush up on the world’s most used languages.
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Jun 10, 2024
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In a world moving towards globalization, learning a foreign language is essential for every individual. Learning a foreign language not only helps us communicate with others better but also allows us to access new knowledge and cultures.

Therefore, many applications have been created to help users learn foreign languages. Each application has its own strengths. Some apps focus on communication skills, while others emphasize grammar. But what about vocabulary? Let me introduce you to a great helper in learning new words, Drops.

Introduction to Drops

What is Drops?

Downloading Drops means joining a community of more than 35 million people learning foreign languages through this application. Drops is a powerful language learning app focusing on new words and memorization, integrating these skills into daily life. Through daily practice with Drops, you can quickly learn and memorize many vocabulary words from 40 different languages around the world. Let’s see how Drops delivers useful language lessons to learners.

Learn New Words Through Games and Pictures

Drops has the uncanny power to make every new word interesting and engaging in the simplest way, thereby making it easy for learners to remember. The method of interpreting, explaining, and helping learners memorize new words in Drops is quite unique: through games and images.

Research shows that impressions are most easily captured through visuals and interactive experiences. Therefore, Drops uses a series of mini-games and minimalist visualization to help learners memorize words. This method makes the process of learning foreign languages easier and more exciting.

Here’s how it works: every day, the application presents a new vocabulary word to the learner. This word is chosen based on the themes and interests each user selected during the initial proficiency test when they first opened the app. Some users might be interested in Tourism, others in Professional Work, while some might focus on Real-Life Dialogue. Based on these preferences, random words related to the chosen theme will appear daily.

After introducing new words with pictures, correct pronunciation, and related word patterns, Drops offers mini-games to reinforce this vocabulary. Each game has a different format and gameplay, with the goal of embedding the new word in the learner’s memory. You can learn one word each day or more, depending on your settings in the app.

In just a short time, you can complete a long list of important words related to your chosen subject. This way, you make progress every day.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Learning Progress

Although Drops offers a fun and engaging way to learn, it closely monitors your learning progress to ensure you advance at your own pace. The learning process is supported by the app’s reminder system, which prompts you to review and practice daily. After each day, there is a short test to check your newly acquired knowledge. Weekly and monthly reports provide statistics on the number of words you’ve learned, compare your learning speed, and assess your test results.

These reports and daily reminders help users track their own learning progress. Additionally, the app projects future learning milestones based on your current progress, giving you a clear view of your learning trajectory.

MOD APK version of Drops

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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Drops is an excellent tool for anyone looking to expand their vocabulary in a new language. Its unique approach of using games and visuals, combined with a structured tracking system, makes language learning both fun and effective. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Drops offers a personalized and engaging way to learn and remember new words from over 40 different languages. Download Drops today and start your journey towards mastering a new language!

What's new

We made improvements to the Drops app! This update contains bug fixes and offers you a better play experience. Happy language learning!


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