Brotato Premium (Unlimited Money)

"A top-down arena shooter roguelite where you play a potato wielding up to 6 weapons at a time to fight off hordes of aliens. Choose from a variety of traits and items to create unique builds and survive until help arrives.
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Mar 27, 2023
May 27, 2024
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Step into a world where a potato becomes the ultimate hero in the face of an alien onslaught – introducing Brotato Premium Mod Apk. This top-down arena shooter roguelite offers a unique twist to the gaming experience, putting players in control of Brotato, the lone survivor armed with up to six weapons, battling hordes of extraterrestrial foes. Fast-paced runs, diverse character customization, and an arsenal of weapons make this game a thrilling adventure.

Download Brotato Mod Apk

Engage in the intense gameplay of Brotato Premium Mod Apk, where auto-firing weapons meet manual aiming for dynamic combat. Survive waves lasting 20 to 90 seconds, choosing from a multitude of characters with unique traits. Collect materials, gain experience, and visit the in-game shop between waves to enhance your arsenal. Download Brotato Premium Mod Apk now and immerse yourself in a potato’s quest for survival.

Unlimited Money

Explore the thrilling world of Brotato with the modded version, offering unlimited money for an enhanced gaming experience. In this dynamic realm, your in-game possibilities are limitless, allowing you to unlock weapons, upgrades, and customize your gameplay without constraints. Brotato Mod Apk transforms your survival journey into an exciting adventure, providing the financial freedom to conquer extraterrestrial threats with unparalleled resources.

Apk Features

Multi-Weapon Mayhem

Embark on a wild ride as Brotato, wielding a staggering six weapons simultaneously. From the fiery wrath of flamethrowers to the explosive power of rocket launchers, the game lets you curate your arsenal strategically. Unleash chaos upon the alien invaders, bringing a dynamic and intense combat experience to the palm of your hand.

Character Variety

Dive into a captivating array of characters, each boasting unique traits. Whether you favor the finesse of a one-handed warrior, the unpredictability of a crazy daredevil, or the luck of a survivor, customize your gameplay to match your style. Brotato Apk ensures a diverse and personalized gaming adventure as you navigate the challenges posed by the extraterrestrial menace.

Fast-Paced Waves

Test your mettle against waves of relentless alien onslaught, each lasting a heart-pounding 20 to 90 seconds. Sharpen your reflexes, adapt your strategy on the fly, and engage in a relentless battle to eliminate as many extraterrestrial threats as possible during these intense waves. The fast-paced action keeps you on the edge of your seat, delivering an adrenaline-packed gaming experience.

Item and Weapon Variety

Immerse yourself in a vast selection of items and weapons, each adding a unique flavor to your gameplay. Whether you opt for conventional SMGs or quirky tools like sticks and stones, the game ensures that each run is a fresh and unpredictable adventure. Discover endless possibilities as you experiment with different combinations, ensuring that no two encounters feel the same.

Unique Builds

Brotato empowers players to experiment with various traits and items, allowing the creation of unique builds tailored to individual playstyles. Whether adopting a mage-like approach or employing a brute force strategy, the game offers unparalleled flexibility. Craft your distinct path to survival, adding a layer of strategy and personalization to the gameplay experience.

Material Collection

Strategically collect materials during gameplay to gain valuable experience and unlock access to the in-game shop between waves. Carefully invest in upgrades and new weapons, bolstering your chances of survival in the relentless alien-infested arena. The material collection mechanic adds depth to the strategic aspect of the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Engaging Community

Become an integral part of the vibrant Brotato Premium Apk community, connecting through platforms like YouTube, Discord, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. Immerse yourself in shared experiences, stay connected with fellow players, and contribute to the evolving Brotato universe. The engaging community aspect enriches the overall gaming journey, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm among players.


Brotato Premium emerges as a compelling mobile gaming experience, combining frenetic action, strategic choices, and a unique premise. With its diverse features, engaging gameplay, and a vibrant community, this game is a must-try for enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure on their mobile devices. Download Brotato Premium Mod Apk and join the potato revolution in the fight against alien invaders!

What's new

New content: Children's Day Event is now live in the game.


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