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ASR is a sound and voice recording app. Record meetings, notes, lessons, songs or ideas.
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May 31, 2012
Jun 13, 2024
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In meetings, there are often many opinions and discussions about work, with everyone collaborating to find solutions. Naturally, just listening won’t allow you to remember all the ideas, and writing them down in a notebook can be distracting. That’s why ASR Voice Recorder was created – to help you avoid these issues effortlessly.

Introduction to ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder is a widely-used audio and voice recording application, highly valued for its ability to capture clear and detailed recordings of meetings, lectures, and ideas. With a range of features and support for multiple audio formats, the app has been downloaded extensively and receives high praise from its users.


The primary function of ASR Voice Recorder is its robust recording capability. Users can choose various recording methods such as Bluetooth recording, though using Bluetooth headphones might reduce sound quality. For privacy, the app can be set to stop recording during phone calls. Other notable features include:

  • Shake to Add Notes: Users can shake their device to add notes while recording, making it easier to annotate important points.
  • Listen While Recording: This feature allows users to listen to the recording through headphones in real-time, which is particularly useful for monitoring the audio quality during organizational tasks.
  • Notification LED: If your phone has a notification LED, you can set it to indicate when recording is active, ensuring that you never miss starting or stopping a recording.

Customize Sound

ASR Voice Recorder offers extensive sound customization options to ensure high-quality recordings. Users can adjust audio settings such as:

  • Audio Channel Adjustment: Edit the recorded audio to the left or right channels to balance the sound as needed.
  • Noise Bypass Mode: This mode reduces background noise, making voices clearer and recordings more professional.

Recording Configuration

One of the standout features of ASR Voice Recorder is the ability to create and customize different recording profiles. Each profile can be tailored with specific settings, including:

  • File Formats: Users can choose from various formats like MP3, AMR, and more, depending on their needs.
  • Audio Speed: Adjust the recording speed to match the desired playback speed.
  • Channel Selection: Choose between stereo or mono channels based on the type of audio being recorded.
  • Microphone Settings: Customize the microphone input for optimal sound capture.
  • Noise Cancellation: Enhance the quality of recordings by reducing background noise.
  • Auto Stop and File Cutting: Set the recording to stop automatically after a certain duration or split files into manageable segments for easier handling.

Record Profile Management

All recordings are saved within record profiles, allowing users to rename, organize, and tag them for easy retrieval. The app also supports uploading recordings to cloud storage, helping to free up space on the device.


ASR Voice Recorder provides several playback settings to improve user experience, such as:

  • Autoplay on Touch: This feature allows recordings to start playing automatically when touched.
  • Auto-Close Player: Automatically closes the player after playback to prevent looping.
  • Auto-Scrolling Notes: Enable auto-scrolling for notes during playback, ensuring you can follow along with the recorded content seamlessly.

Transfer Recording Using WiFi

A unique feature of ASR Voice Recorder is the ability to transfer audio over a local WiFi network. Users can access recordings on other devices or install the app on multiple devices within the same network, provided they have the necessary permissions. This feature is particularly useful for sharing recordings without the need for cables or external storage devices.

My Review of ASR Voice Recorder

In my opinion, ASR Voice Recorder is a top-tier application for recording audio and voice. It serves as a professional microphone for interviews or can be used to create high-quality audio clips for videos and presentations. The app’s rich feature set and intuitive design make it suitable for both individual and business use, offering flexibility and reliability in various recording scenarios.

MOD APK version of ASR Voice Recorder

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ASR Voice Recorder is one of the most useful recording applications available today due to its features and functionality. This is also why it has a large user base and numerous positive reviews. If you need a tool to help record your work, you should consider this application.

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