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May 15, 2023
Jun 18, 2024
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Pick two animals and an advanced algorithm will mix them together for you! Each animal has a unique appearance, characteristics, and powers. Experiment and see what you can create! New animals to fuse appear every 3 hours

Introduction to Animash

Animash, the hybrid game that sparks creativity

Is there a game as simple as Animash?

On mobile, the simplest and easiest games to play include match-3, interactive novel games or some kind of casual/idle role-playing. But in order to be called a game, there must be thought and strategy in it. What if one day you find out that there is a game without thinking, but the entertainment effect is surprisingly high? If you still don’t believe there is such a game, try Animash.

The most useful, complete and condensed biology lesson

There is no gameplay nor story, but it makes many people fascinated. That’s why you can call this game a fun app. There is no setting nor story in Animash. The white vertical screen opens. There are squares on it that are avatars of animals you are so familiar with from movies, reality and books.

If you are still not sure about the characteristics of which animal, you just need to lightly touch the corresponding avatar. A variety of features, details about it will appear, looks like a Pokedex for real-life wild animals. This range of information includes: full name, scientific name, life expectancy, habitat, shape, weight, average height, lifestyle, living, development, reproduction, status. The information also lists in detail the special abilities associated with each species.

Playing Animash is also an opportunity for you to review your biology and natural science knowledge without having to review any part of the Our planet series.

Unlimited creative inspiration

The main thing that creates an inexhaustible excitement in Animash lies in the surprise. You can never predict what the animal you breed will look like. Every time the hybrid animal appears, you are once happy to burst with excitement. With hundreds of animals from real life, how many hybrid combos do you think you can make? Animash is therefore an entertaining game that never stops. You can play again and again every day, many times a day, no matter how short or long, and always find unexpected joy after each crossbreed.

Crossbreeding between many animals

Once you have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the creatures of interest, you will begin your unlimited crossbreeding journey. Freely find any animal you like, drag 2 avatars close to mix them together. That’s it, you have created yourself a completely new animal that recognizes the parents as the original 2 original species.

With the new hybrid species, what do we have? This beast will have all the characteristics inside and out from its father and mother. Like when you cross a shark with a tiger, you will get a fish with a sharp jaw like a shark but a body full of stripes like a tiger. It can both swim in water and run on land at super high speeds. And there are many other interesting blend characteristics details.

And when crossing a cute chubby pig with an octopus, you get a soft, jelly-like animal with pig ears, a stupid pig face but legs that turn into octopus tentacles.

The new animals’ natural abilities also include and are a distillation of special survival traits from their parents. So in terms of shape, they are unique and different from the F1 generation. In terms of survival ability, the ability to live can also be considered superior because it has all the advantages of the two original animals.

Download for Android Animash APK

The game features an advanced intelligent algorithm that blends physical traits together, along with a series of brief interesting descriptions for each hybrid animal. Not only that, Animash also has a unique, 2D graphics page that is extremely friendly, in a lovely style. This is a very good entertainment, extremely stress reliever with a gentle style, high creativity.

What's new

- New creature unlocked: "Excavator"